Hi-Spec 200W 1.6A Palm Detail Orbital Mouse Sander with Dust Collector Box & 10pc Sanding Papers for Removing Paint, Varnish, Stains, Preparing Furniture, Polishing, Smoothing Out & Sanding Down

✔️ SMALL SIZE, BIG POWER: This palm-held mouse sander has a powerful 1.6A 200W motor capable of 15,000 orbits per minute. A dust collector and 10 pieces of replacement sandpaper make this the must have tool for any woodworker for small to larger projects including sanding down plywood, removing old paint, preparing furniture for painting and smoothing out repurposed wood
✔️ SAVE TIME: Forget manual sanding and invest in this high speed sander. A power 200W motor easily tackles the toughest of working conditions and its high speed means reduced project time. Remove unwanted paint, varnish, blemishes and stains, polish glass, plastic or metal or prepare surfaces for a new coat
✔️ SLEEK DESIGN: Designed with a range of projects in mind, the tear-drop triangular shaped compact surface area, 140mm x 80mm, makes this perfect for working on flat and curved surfaces such as window sills, frames and woodworking projects. A pointed tip means that you can get into even the tightest of spaces such as room and furniture corners, stairs and between bannisters