51 Piece Drum Kit -45 Sanding Bands, 6 Mandrills, – Fits Dremel & Any Drill -For Rotary Tools, Die Grinder, Power Drills, Carpenters, Woodworking, Paint, Sanding Surfaces, & Finishing Jobs – By Katzco

QUALITY- Katzco drum sanding kit is of utmost quality and has 120 grit bands ideal for long term use on all types of surface preparation and surface finishing work. Mandrels are also made of high quality rubber.
VARIETY- That Katzco drum sanding kit comes with a total of 51 pieces that include sanding bands, rubber mandrels, and shanks of all of the three different sizes that the kit provides. Incredible variety to fit all of your sanding, surface prep and wood finishing needs
CONVENIENT- Katzco drum sanding kit can go into a dremel or drill kit and provides you with every size of band, mandrel, and shank necessary to get any surface prep job you need done. Everything you could possibly need in one convenient place